Sandra Parsons, Ph.D.

Welcome to my page.

Here is a little more about me:  

I am an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Psychology at Rice University and the Director of Pedagogy for our department. I feel extremely lucky to have an appointment that allows me to devote all of my time and energy to teaching and mentoring undergraduates.

  • I teach Introduction to Social Psychology (PSYC 202), Research Methods (PSYC 340), and Motivation and Emotion (PSYC 353).

  • I am a departmental adviser.

  • I am one of the faculty advisers for Psi Chi, an honor society for psychology majors.

  • One of my favorite places to have lunch is at Will Rice College, where I am an associate and also serve as a Divisional Advisor.

Please see the links below for more information about me and about my teaching and research.

Motivation and Emotions on Rice News

Statement of Teaching Philosophy 

Extended Curriculum Vitae

Stop and Grow Logo

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